Title V BA Stipend

Title V BA Stipend

As San Francisco invests in raising standards for its early childhood workforce, it is critical to address the barriers of teacher recruitment and retention, especially at the City’s Title V child care programs. The Title V BA Stipend aims to recruit and retain high-quality professionals into working in San Francisco Title V centers.

Click here for a list of San Francisco Title V Centers

Title V BA Stipend Eligibility 

To be eligible for the Title V BA Stipend, early childhood educators must:

 ●  Work full time at a licensed Title V child care program in San Francisco with children ages 0-5

 ●  Earn less than $85,000 (individual income)

 ●  Attend an accredited four-year institution to attain a B.A. or B.S. degree in Child and Adolescent Development:

         ○ Enrolled as a full-time, upper-division student

         ○  Enrolled in courses that follow an approved Education Plan 

         ○ Pass courses with a ‘C’ or better grade or a ‘credit’(only if the course does not offer letter grades)


Title V BA Stipend Level
Category Amount Per Semester
Title V BA Stipend $3,700


Title V BA Stipend Application Dates
Fall Semester Cycle Spring Semester Cycle
(Fall + Summer Courses Completed) (Spring + Winter Courses Completed)
Opens: September 1 Opens: February 1
Closes: November 21 Closes: April 21

How to Apply

  1. Complete the SF SEED Application:
    a) Apply to SF SEED online via the Registry: http://caregistry.org
    b) Print and fill out the SF SEED Supplemental Forms 
    *For detailed step by step instructions on how to apply to SF SEED, please visit SF SEED's "How to Apply" section on our website
  2. SF SEED staff will determine if you are eligible for the Title V BA Stipend based on your completed SF SEED application. Please ensure that your CA ECE Registry profile is up to date, including your employment history, this will be used to determine your eligibility.  

Title V BA Stipend Disclaimer

Title V BA Stipend funding is limited. Stipends will be awarded based on priority level and until all funding has been expended. Funding is dependent on the Office of Early Care & Education (OECE) and California AB212 funding. Stipends are subject to change depending on the level of participation in the program.


Page last updated August 2021