California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend (CTKS)

California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend (CTKS)

Earn money to advance your education in Early Childhood Education & Child Development. The California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend supports teachers to pay for educational related expenses.

Please note, this is one time funding to support TK teachers, applicants may not receive both a SF SEED stipend and a California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend.  


CTKS Priority Levels & Eligibility 

Priority Levels:

  1. Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Teachers in San Francisco hired after July 1st, 2015
  2. All other Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Teachers in San Francisco 
  3. California State Preschool Program (CSPP) Teachers in San Francisco 


Participants must be currently in a Transitional Kindergarten or TK/K multiage position in San Francisco and work directly with students whose 5th birthdays are from September 2nd – December 2nd of the current school year. 

OR participants must be currently in a CSPP position in San Francisco and work directly with students (please note that CSPP teachers have 3rd priority for receiving a stipend). 


CTKS Stipend Levels

The amount of rewarded funding received will be determined by:

1. The type of institution a participant attends

2. The amount of units COMPLETED with a 'C' or higher at the designated institution by the end of the semester

Community College Coursework

Category Amount Per Semester
Level A (3-5 Units) $1,902
Level B (6+ Units) $2,184


4-Year University Coursework

Category Amount Per Semester
Level A (3-5 Units) $2,385
Level B (6+ Units) $2,685


CTKS Application Dates

Funding Cycles

Fall Stipend (Fall + Summer Courses Completed): September 1st -  November 21st
Spring Stipend (Spring + Winter Courses Completed): February 1st - April 21st


How to Apply

  1. Complete the SF SEED Application:
    a) Apply to SF SEED online via the Registry:
    b) Print & fill out the SF SEED Application Supplemental Forms
    *For detailed step by step instructions on how to apply to SF SEED, please visit SF SEED's "How to Apply" section on our website
  2. Attach copies of the receipts from your payments of tuition and books to your SF SEED Application  


CTKS Disclaimer

CTKS funding is limited, reimbursements will be awarded based on priority level and until all funding has been expended. Funding is dependent on the California Department of Education’s approval of the Transitional Kindergarten allocation professional development Early Childhood Education funding. Reimbursements are subject to change depending on the level of participation in the program. Participants are eligible for reimbursements (July 1st – June 30th).


This page was last updated on August 13, 2018