Fiscal Incentives

Removing Barriers & Minimizing Challenges.

SF SEED is a program within EDvance. The EDvance program consists of a constellation of programs within the Marian Wright Edelman Institute and in the Child and Adolescent Development (CAD) department that create pathways to a B.A. for early childhood educators.

EDvance offers multiple fiscal incentives to support students while they concurrently work toward their degree and work in the field of early childhood education. Stipends are provided to individuals currently in the workforce in a licensed child care center-based or family child care program and are enrolled in unit bearing, degree applicable, courses at a 2-year or 4-year university. These awards support early childhood educators in advancing at all levels of their academic career, from transfer support at the community college level to advancing through a four-year institution and graduating with a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development or a related major.

EDvance is partnered with the Early Care & Workforce Registry where the SF SEED stipend application is based online at www.caregistry.org

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Current Fiscal Incentive Opportunities:

SF SEED Stipend

Title 5 BA Stipend

California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend

Early Childhood Educator Success Fund (Coming Soon!)



Page last updated September 26, 2017